Index of values

check_init [Ev]
check_init f - call a callback when the event loop is about to start calling the callbacks after receiving the events
child_get_pid [Ev]
child_get_pid ev - retrieve the pid that is being watched
child_get_rpid [Ev]
child_get_rpid ev - retrieve the pid that issued a status change
child_get_rstatus [Ev]
child_get_status ev - retrieve the status of the child process
child_init [Ev]
child_init f child trace - call a callback when the status of a child process changes.
child_set [Ev]
child_set ev child trace - set the child event parameters again
clear_pending [Ev]
clear pending events from an event watcher: return the list if events that were pending

default_exn_handler [Ev]
default exception handler; it output diagnostics to stderr and swallows the exception
default_loop [Ev]
access the default loop.

embeddable_backends [Ev]
list of backends that may be embedded; embedding not yet supported

fork_init [Ev]
fork_init f - call a callback after a fork (and the event loop notices it/is notified about it).
forked [Ev]
forked loop - inform an event loop that we have forked (and we'd like to keep using the libev services)

get_cb [Ev]
get_cb ev - retrieves the callback of an event
get_loop [Ev]
raises NoLoop the event is not active
get_priority [Ev]
get_priority ev - retrieve the priority of an event.

idle_init [Ev]
idle_init f - call a callback when the event loop has nothing else to do
invoke [Ev]
invoke an event as if it had just been fired.
io_init [Ev]
io_init f fd revents
is_active [Ev]
is_active ev - is this event active? an event is active when it has been issued *_start an inactive after a *_stop.
is_default_loop [Ev]
is this the default loop?
is_pending [Ev]
is_pending ev - does this even have outstanding events?

loop [Ev]
loop l flags - run an event loop
loop_count [Ev]
a monotonic (wrapping) counter that roughly indicates the number of times the event loop has iterated
loop_destroy [Ev]
destroy an event loop.
loop_new [Ev]
create a new event loop
loop_now [Ev]
time of day according to the event loop

no_cb [Ev]
no_cb ev - a callback that does nothing; could be useful as the callback parameter to _init functions.

periodic_get_at [Ev]
periodic_get_at ev - retrieve the epoch time when the event will be fired the next time
periodic_init [Ev]
periodic_init f periodic_time - call a callback with a certain schedule.
periodic_set [Ev]
periodic_set ev periodic_time - set the periodic parameters again
prepare_init [Ev]
prepare_init f - call a callback when the event loop is about to start waiting for events

recommended_backends [Ev]
list of recommended backends for this host

set_cb [Ev]
set_cb ev f - sets the callback of an event
set_exn_handler [Ev]
set_exn_handler loop handler - set the exception handler of an event loop
set_io_collect_interval [Ev]
set_io_collect_interval loop interval - collect io events in lumps.
set_keepalive [Ev]
keepalive ev state - set the the significance of this event watcher from its loop, when considering whether to exit or not.
set_priority [Ev]
set_priority ev priority - set the priority of an event.
set_timeout_collect_interval [Ev]
set_timeout_collect_interval loop interval - collect timeout events in lumps.
signal_init [Ev]
signal_init f signal - call a callback when a certain signal is raised.
start [Ev]
start loop ev - attach an event watcher to an event loop (that is, activate it).
stat_get_attr [Ev]
stat_get_attr ev - retrieve the stats of the monitored file
stat_get_prev [Ev]
stat_get_attr ev - retrieve the old stats of the monitored file (befoe the callback)
stat_init [Ev]
stat_init f filename interval - call a callback when the state of a file (as seen by stat) changes
stat_set [Ev]
stat_set filename interval - sets the parameters of the event watcher.
stop [Ev]
stop ev - detach an event watcher from an event loop (thus deactivating it).
string_of_loop_arg [Ev]
convert a loop argument into a human-readable string
string_of_revent [Ev]
convert an revent into a human-readable string
supported_backends [Ev]
list of supported backends

timer_again [Ev]
timer_again ev - retrigger the timer to run again after the interval.
timer_init [Ev]
timer_init f offset repeat - call a callback after offset seconds; if repeat > 0.0, retrigger the timer to run periodically.

unloop [Ev]
unloop l how - run an event loop.