Here is some software I've written:
ganame Ganame - a tool for renaming files using a pattern derived from given examples. Includes an online-demo.
passfilter Passfilter filters predefined sequences (entered as a md5 checksums) from a terminal. When a forbidden sequence (say, the beginning of a password) is entered to the terminal, it is automatically backspaced away and a message appears. The terminal will be locked until you press enter (which will not be passed to the terminal).
libpuppy libpuppy - librarified version of the Puppy tool.
ocaml-ev ocaml-ev - ocaml bindings for libev
Grep OCaml annotation files grep-annot - a tool for grepping ocaml source files with their type-annotations merged in. Based on annotation merge code by pango/#ocaml/FreeNode.
SDL Saver SDL Saver - a patch against xscreensaver that allows to choose an SDL program as a screensaver.
Goba Game of Bases - a Flash Tanks remake
Lfwd 1.2 Latency forwarder - forward TCP-connections with a predefined latency (and with 1.2 version also limited bandwidth). Useful for testing applications against a lagged network.
grid Postscript for generating grids
media-queue Software for scheduling tv/radio-recordings. Supports show-specific parameters and priorities. Includes a script to fetch show schedule from internet.
libparallel Library that allows easy-to-use parallelism to C++ programs, to be used if you want to get everything out of your SMP system.
nntpbiff Perl script that periodically queries news server for new messages and writes to a log file if they match given regular expressions.
othello My course work for course Laaja ohjelmointi 1999-2000.
netlock A program that allows binding multiple xlocks on multiple machines, so you need to lock/unlock only one screen to lock/unlock them all.
unjam-ns A shell-script that attempts to unjam a jammed Netscape session on linux/i386. It does this by attaching a gdb to it and telling that the write netscape's desperately trying to do succeeded.. This doesn't work to all jams.
netcp A perl-script originally built for copying stuff over slow smb-shares. It's basically a (recursive) cp with time-estimation (full transfer instead of just one file). Plus it can continue from where it left off.
Course list parser
A perl-script that builds a flat text file of the courses in TTKK.
TV Scan
Gets today's tv-programs in XML format from a site and shows current and 3 next programs on tv.. Has hardcoded paths.
Deep Seek
Builds a database of your data to allow fast searches.
Traffic Control 2 HTML
Perl-script to convert the output of /sbin/tc into a table with bps/category.

Erkki Seppala
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