Game Of Bases

Goba is a remake of a classic game Flash Attack.

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Game idea

There are (at most) 4 players. Each player has a base and four tanks. The tanks may move, lay mines and fire at other tanks. The base can use a laser beam and launch bombs attacks. Annihilate the enemies!


The first version
678 laser
773 menu
773 bombing
821 walls


Binaries are available for Linux (Compiled in Ubuntu 6.06 (Dapper) with Godi, I noticed the binaries from Dapper work also with 6.10, maybe even in other platforms). Here is the Debian/Dapper package for it.

Source is available, too. The software is written in Objective Caml, and has successfully been compiled with these dependencies (NOTE: version 891 requires more recent compiler (3.10.x) version and new releases of some libraries, such as sexplib):

For the meta-server support you will need the following packages:

In addition, these might be helpful if you want to modify certain aspects of the game:

I haven't tried Godi out, but it may be worth the trouble using it for those Ocaml-based packages, in case your distribution doesn't support any of the packages out-of-the-box. Atleast findlib, sdl-bindings and sexplib are available with it.

Change log

Version 891 (2008-04-05) (source/binaries/deb)

Version 828 (2007-04-16) (source/binaries/deb)

Version 778 (2007-04-09) (source/binaries)

Version 686 (2007-04-01) (source/binaries)

Version 595 (2007-03-23) (source/binaries)

Version 566 (2007-03-22) (source/binaries)

Version 485 (2007-03-19) (source/binaries)

Version 475 (2007-03-19) (source/binaries)

Version 437 (source/binaries)

Version 431 (source/binaries)

Version 397 (source/binaries)


First you start the server. It starts to listen in port 61753. The option 'Start server' in the game actually does nothing :).

Second you start the game. If your host doesn't match the ones hardcoded in the game (localhost and you'll need to enter the host name in the command line, as the first argument.

Now you're set to go! F1 provides keyboard help. The game doesn't yet say who's won or died, so you'll need to figure that out yourself..


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